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Ellie's Bakery Now Open for Business!

The owner of Gracie’s Restaurant and Ellie’s Bakery, both in Providence, called in Bowerman Associates to assist leading a design team to find creative, cost-effective ways to complete the construction of her new Parisian style restaurant and baking commissary.

The existing building space and basement had not been renovated or truly upgraded in the recent past and presented many challenges in the design planning stages. The major difficulty was building two kitchens – a full restaurant kitchen and a second one in the basement for training/baking and commissary. Retrofitting the all-new mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection systems into the tight space required technical expertise and creativity. The design team with Bowerman’s subcontractors and Field Supervisor all worked together to produce viable, cost efficient solutions to complete this new facility.

Ellie’s Bakery opened for business in May 2019. The project was completed in a busy downtown location and delivered on time and within the Owner’s budget.

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