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Bowerman Construction is responsible for Design and Construction, so the final design incorporates constructibility and value engineering, resulting in significant cost and time savings. 

Fewer Design fees. 

Fewer change orders and/or up-charges. 

Fastest schedule delivery. 

Early evaluation of Project costs. 


We consult with the Owner during Development and Design phases, providing scheduling, budgeting, and constructibility advice, and then acts as General Contractor during the Construction phase. 


Fewer change orders and/or up-charges. 

High level of control over both

schedule and costs. 

Single point of contact throughout Project.


Our team is provided with complete Design documents by the Owner and is responsible for the Construction phase, managing schedule, subcontractors, and costs until Project completion. 

Best for straightforward projects with a well-defined work scope. 

Fewer opportunities for cost savings. 

Fewer opportunities to optimize schedules. 

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