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Tasca Lincoln Showroom Completion

Bowerman Associates – Providence, RI recently announced that it has completed a 4,000 sqft Lincoln Showroom addition at Tasca Automotive’s main campus of dealerships at 1300 Pontiac Avenue in Cranston, RI.

The New Lincoln Showroom is compliant with Ford Land’s newest requirements meeting the Moda 360 design. The showroom includes a new “Café” area with the latest Starbucks coffee station. The sales and waiting areas are fashionably decorated with comfortable leather chairs and high top lounge style tables to enjoy your coffee and WiFi.

Bowerman Associates was pleased to team with Lincoln Architects (Winchester, MA) as the designer for the new Lincoln showroom.

The completion of the Tasca Lincoln addition marks the 5th project that Bowerman Associates and the Tasca Family have completed together since 2013.

Bowerman Associates, Inc. operates with a simple philosophy of quality workmanship, high standards and a firm commitment to ensure customer satisfaction on all current and future business relationships. As construction managers, the Bowerman team understands that fundamental to the success of any project is the concept of teamwork. Their methodology incorporates all members of the project team working closely with architects, engineers, owners, and local building officials to create a building solution that all team members can be proud of for years to come.

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